Did you know that there are towns in America that are offering big bucks to get you to move to their city? But, there's a bit of a catch.

Some states have options, but unfortunately, in Texas, there really is only one municipality that has money waiting for you to "make the move."

The one city in Texas that will pay you to relocate there

MakeMyMove.com says the great city of Texarkana will pay you to move there, but you have to meet some requirements. And incentives aren't just cash.


The requirements to get the dough and other incentives

Here are the current eligibility requirements that Texarkana has on the table...

Texarkana is currently recruiting remote workers who:

  • Are employed full-time and able to relocate while retaining their current position, or
  • Are self-employed and able to relocate while retaining their current clients/portfolio
  • Earn at least $100,000 annually
  • Are 18 years or older
  • Currently reside outside the State of Arkansas or if applying from within the State of Texas, currently reside at least 75 miles outside of Texarkana
  • Must relocate primary residence to Texarkana within 6 months
  • In order to be considered by Texarkana, you must provide proof of the above eligibility criteria
Make My Move
Make My Move

Meet the requirements and are ready to make the move?

If you meet the above requirements and you are ready to apply, you are probably wondering what sweet deal you're going to get from the great city of Texarkana.

Well, as we mentioned earlier, it's not just money. It's a whole incentive package that is valued at $17,100. The dough is actually only a small part of it.

Here's all that you would get if you moved to Texarkana under this incentive program:

Make My Move
Make My Move

What does beautiful Texarkana, Texas have to offer?

Here's the enticing public relations spiel about the quaint city:

Texarkana, a unique city that straddles the border of Texas and Arkansas, offers a rich blend of Southern charm and modern convenience, making it an ideal place for those looking to relocate.

Other selling points include affordable living, strategic location, growing job market, community and culture, and outdoor recreation. Read more about the city here.

The City of Texarkansas, Texas, Facebook
The City of Texarkansas, Texas, Facebook

Ready to pack up and move to good ole Texarkana?

To apply for this incentive program, visit MakeMyMove.com.

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