Swamp Pop legend G.G. Shinn has died at 78 years old.

According to his Facebook page, Shinn was residing in Monroe, Louisiana.

Originally from Franklin, Louisiana, G.G. Shinn was a member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. At various times in his career he was a member of the Fabulous Boogie Kings, Roller Coasters, TSC Trucking, and The Hot Damn Band.

It was 1966 when singer-trumpeter GG Shinn split from the Boogie Kings. But his legacy with Louisiana’s longest-running rock ‘n’ roll band is so strong that his spirit never really left. His short-but-indelible stint, during which time he fueled a power-packed vocal tandem with Jerry Lacroix, is still considered the group’s apex. And that’s saying something, given the cavalcade of great singers who’ve done tours of duty within the BK ranks, like Clint West, Tommy McLain, Lil’ Alfred Babino, Duane Yates, Allen Wayne, and Gregg Martinez, to name just a few.


A post by his wife on his Facebook page earlier today detailed his last hours.

RIP to a true Acadiana legend.

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