Last night my wife and I ducked into a local eatery for a quiet night together after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas weekend.  The hostess asked our seating preference and we said anywhere was fine as long as it was away from the winter blast when the door opened.

We settled in next to a table filled with a group of eight or ten people having a great time together.  With a crowd that size you would expect them to be a bit more boisterous than the two of us.  They were there before us and were finishing up their meal as we were just getting into the stuffed meatballs we were sharing when they decided to discuss a recent surgery of a close the dinner table surrounded by people you don't voices loud enough to be heard three tables down!

I'm not really a fan of discussing any medical procedure around food.  It may just be my problem but I'm ok admitting I have a problem with it.  Discussing medical procedures is bad enough but surgery that involves cutting into Aunt Sally's liver or whatever?  Please, can't that wait?  Can't you guys come up with some other topic for discussion?  I mean the Saints are playing Sunday.  If you're not Saints fans why not discuss the gifts you had to return today?

As I said at the beginning this was a group of eight or ten so maybe they had to speak louder than usual to make sure the folks at the end of the table could hear but couldn't they wait til they got home?

At least I wasn't eating liver and onions!!!  I think that would have been the capper!

I guess when I go out for a quiet romantic evening with my wife it's too much to expect everybody else in the joint to be on the same mission?

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