Watching the Saints game Saturday I was once again reminded that many Americans don't have a clue what it means to be respectful of the US flag.

While someone was singing the National Anthem some people were chatting amongst themselves, adjusting articles of clothing, moving about or drinking an adult beverage.  Moving from the stands and checking the side lines many players and coaches were doing the same, minus the adult beverages.

Were these people not taught in school to stand at attention with their right hand placed on their heart while someone is singing the National Anthem?  Were they taught respect for the flag and National Anthem but somewhere along the way decided they were 'too cool' to be like everyone else?

I find it appalling enough that so many singers have to put their own spin on the National Anthem that it becomes unrecognizable.  I wish they would just sign the song the way it was intended.

As far as respect for the flag and the Anthem I think we should have mandatory 'respect for the flag and Anthem' sections in all elementary grades with refresher courses in high school.

All NFL players and coaches should have to attend mandatory classes at the start of each season to learn the proper respect for the American flag and the National Anthem.  Any player or coach not wishing to show proper respect should be allowed to sit out the ceremony in the privacy of the locker room and the names of those should be listed on the Jumbo Tron as being 'too cool' to be patriotic or something to that effect.

Any team that would like to opt out of the mandatory respect for the American flag and National Anthem training should be allowed to do so.  They would also forfeit their tax exempt status.  Seems to me if you don't want to be respectful of the American institution you should not be allowed to avail yourself of the benefit of the exemption.

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