The "White Plains Journal" is reporting on a story about a New York teacher who had to apologize to her class about something she said about Santa Clause.

The teacher,  Leatrice Ann Eng, has now apologized for something she did that I think is rather stupid.  I guess somebody's heart is really dark, and someone might need to give her a hug if she is so stupid as to tell her second grade students that there is no Santa Clause.  What an idiot!  I have seen the big fat man, and indeed, does exist!

Eng allegedly told the kids in her class at the George W. Miller Elementary School in Nanuet, New York, that Santa Claus doesn't exist during a geography lesson.  The discussion started after the kids said they knew where the North Pole was because that is where Santa lives.  She obviously has never been good because otherwise should would get gifts she likes for Christmas.  She must be really bad, and it sounds like the only thing she ever gets in her stocking is coal.

I feel really sorry for Ms. Eng.  Santa, St. Nick, or whatever name you call him is a friend to parents, children and those who have faith and hopel.  Santa is my special friend, and I always know that he cares for the children of the world.

I also think there is a little Santa in all of us.  I think anytime someone volunteers their time, gives of their pay, gives of their heart, Santa knows.  I think he encourages and salutes our goodness around the holidays, and why anyone would want to take that away is beyond me. But, this is America, so folks are entitled to behave any way they wish, and I am lucky enough to work at KPEL.  I work here, and twice a week, at least, they let me tell some dumb chick in White Plains that she has no brains!!!

heeee,heeee, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!

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