Quilty was put in time out for not being a team player.

Sometimes you run across a story that makes your day. This is one that made me laugh as I read it and I'm still smiling as I think about it. Fox News has a story about a cat at a Texas animal shelter named Quilty, who loves to free his furry friends from the senior room at the shelter. The shelter posts frequently on social media about Quilty, saying he lets his friends out of the senior room a few times a day. Here's a post from the shelter that shows how Quilty's door - opening method:

The staff had enough of wrangling the other cats, so Quilty was put in the lobby or 'solitary confinement' as they called it on Instagram. Quilty's antics are popular on Instagram, where his 'Free Quilty' account has 30, 000 followers. He's now trying a one - week stay at a potential forever home with two dogs. So far, the owner says Quilty is 'the most affectionate and loving cat' and it looks like his career as a break - out artist might be over.

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