Whether you are planning on a small Thanksgiving meal or something larger, the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office has some safety tips to keep in mind.

This year, the Louisiana Fire Marshal Butch Browning says, via press release, that safety tips include not only things that you want to think about while you're cooking, but also when you gather together.

2020 has definitely been a different kind of year. From the about the middle portion of March the state of Louisiana was on lockdown followed by different phases of opening back up. We are still currently in Phase 3 even though the number of cases have been rising in the state.

Browning wants people to think about safety in terms of cooking, but also in terms of gathering so that this holiday can be as safe as possible.

The Marshal had the following to say in terms of safety,

We know the holidays this year are going to be different, especially Thanksgiving, when coming together for an extended meal is at the core of the day's tradition. But Louisiana families have to take precautions against COVID-19 just as we stress taking precautions to avoid fire hazards while cooking that traditional meal.

I've heard from plenty of people who are doing things differently this year. One person said their family is having somewhat of a traditional gathering. Their core family will have a few other family members over, but they all plan to do their gathering outside to practice social distancing.

When you are in your kitchen trying to cook, or you are outside frying a turkey, there are plenty of things you should keep in mind to avoid an kind of fire hazard.

Safety Tips For Thanksgiving

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