Legend has it that here's a one-room cabin located in North Louisiana on an old farm that is called "The Devil's Toy Box".

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The room is made entirely of mirrors that face inward...the walls, floor, and ceiling are all mirrors. If you go inside, you'll reportedly go insane, or worse; the devil will appear and take your soul.

Where is The Devil's Toy Box?

Exactly where in North Louisiana "The Devil's Toy Box" is located is hard to pin down. One article I read says it's about "Three Hours from New Orleans". That could locate it somewhere around Alexandria.

The legend says the cabin is on "Farmer Grave’s Haunted Orchard". A quick Google search shows that orchard to be in Leesville.

From what I can find out, "The Devil's Toy Box" was built in 2014 as part of a Halloween attraction on the orchard. After people started to be hospitalized as a result of going into the shack, the entire Halloween attraction was closed.

Louisiana Devil's Toy Box
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From thoughtcatalogue.com -

The attraction was called Farmer Grave’s Haunted Orchard and in years past, it had been every bit as thrilling as that name suggested; which is to say not very. So for Halloween 2014, the owners decided to spice things up by building several new interactive installations, of which included a windowless shack called The Devil’s Toy Box. This shack housed a small room composed of large wall-sized mirrors.


According to thoughtcatalogue.com, no one could last longer than 5 minutes inside of the shack.

They say the longest anyone was ever able to stay inside of "The Devil's Toy Box" was four minutes and thirty-seven seconds according to the timer that was set up inside of it.

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Louisiana Legend of 'The Devil's Toy Box'

The person who set that record inside of "The Devil's Toy Box" according to thoughtcatalogue.com was "Roger Heltz, age 52, and a father of three". 

Legend has it that he hasn't spoken since his "Devil's Toy Box" experience.

Other reports say people suffered heart attacks and bouts of insanity. Numerous people reportedly had to be physically removed from the room kicking and screaming.

Have You Ever Heard of The Devil's Toy Box?

Below is a video I found on YouTube of what it would look like the inside of "The Devil's Toys Box". Just looking at the video instantly makes my head hurt. I can't imagine sitting in one of these things!



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