Ketchup is no longer the go - to condiment for many people these days.

Ketchup has remained the most popular condiment of all for years now. It's on every table in every restaurant you visit and you've probably got at least a bottle or a lot of fast - food packets in your pantry or refrigerator. People put it on burgers, sandwiches, even steaks, and of course, anything fried. It's even an ice cream and potato chip flavor and Ed Sheeran loves it so much he's got a tattoo of a ketchup bottle.

As hard as it is to believe, ketchup has been replaced as the most popular condiment according to They say that while ketchup did $833 million in sales last year, ranch dressing did a whopping $1 billion in sales. They also say that Hidden Valley Ranch reports that 70% of ranch is used now as a dip or topping instead of as a salad dressing. It's also been offered as a dipping sauce for pizza for years by Papa John's and other chains.

Ad Age also says that the most popular condiment is still salsa, with mayo in second place. That may be true for other parts of the country, but I don't think ketchup and mayo will ever be beat during crawfish season here in South Louisiana.


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