There is a tropical storm that will make its way into the Gulf, and by Sunday it could be impacting some parts of Acadiana with some wind and rain.

Obviously, we will keep you posted on what happens with this storm, where it goes and how strong it will be.

In the interim, officials with the city of Broussard have announced that they have three sandbag locations for anyone that wants sand and sandbags

You can go to one of the following locations:

  • Broadview Drive is near the Broussard Community Center
  • Deer Meadow Subdivision is near the corner of Deer Meadow Blvd & Myette Point St.
  • Broussard City Hall, in the back of the facility, at 310 East Main Street

This is a situation where you will need to bring a shovel and put the sand in the bags yourself.

You can go to any of the locations as they will be open until the threat of bad weather is no longer in our forecast.


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