I have a love/hate relationship with flying. I hate to do it but I love how doing it gets me where I want to be a lot faster than if I were in the car. Just to be able to leap over Baton Rouge traffic is often incentive enough for me to slam a Dramamine and head to the airport for the organized chaos that is commercial flight.

Like every industry, the airline industry has insider secrets that they don't really want everyone to know about. It's not as if the industry is trying to keep these things quiet they feel that the less we discuss the better for all of us.

Here are three things I am betting you weren't aware of about flying.


  • 20th Century Fox
    20th Century Fox

    The Person Seated Next To You

    Did you know that you could be sitting next to a dead person on your flight? That's right if someone expires mid-flight the airlines have no authority to pronounce that person dead. So, they are treated like a very quiet and well-behaved passenger. That could be seated next to you if there is no other seat on the aircraft. Besides, it would be quite a spectacle to move a body down the aisle of the plane, wouldn't it?

  • T.Melih ER via YouTube
    T.Melih ER via YouTube

    The Door To The Aircraft

    Did you know that you can't open the door mid-flight? We've seen it in movies where a bad guy or deranged individual attempts to open the cabin door and then gets sucked out when the door opens. That's only in the movies. Today's modern airliners are equipped with doors that you can't open until the Captain opens them. You can still get in a world of trouble by acting as if you were going to open one of those doors so don't do that.

  • How to simply via YouTube
    How to simply via YouTube

    Don't Put Your Food Down Here

    Did you know your tray table isn't usually cleaned or wiped down between flights? Think about how long it would take a cleaning crew to go through and physically wipe down every tray table between every flight? It is incumbent on you to make sure your own seating area is sanitized for your protection. So, you might want to throw some of those disinfectant wipes in your carry own and give the tray table, armrests, and other common areas a gentle wipe.

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