Today we are discussing a feat that involves feet and yes it does happen on a plane. And I would say in my mind's eye what happened on that plane involving feet was pretty darn incredible. I know you hear the word "feet" and "airplane" in the same sentence and you have a look on your face like,

DailyPicksandFlicks via YouTube
DailyPicksandFlicks via YouTube

I think we have all been on a flight at least once when someone's body parts invaded our personal space. Granted on most airlines that personal space is limited, we are still entitled to a view without feet, a seatback without hair spilling over the top of it, and a chance to recline without being pummeled by the pitter-patter of children's feet against your seat back.

It has been my experience that most "feet" encounters come from the row behind you. It usually involves someone who has decided to remove their shoes and socks and wants to stretch their legs by sliding their feet into the row in front of them. This is not the case in this viral Tik Tok from creator @regurgitatedcelery. Yeah, that's what those chose to call themselves. Take a look.

Two things are clear, the person taking the video went to the Blair Witch school of unsteady film study and the person in the row in front of the camera operator just reached up and closed the window behind them with their feet.

What in the name of Nadia Comaneci is going on here?

The Tik Tok comments were all over the road as to how "feet person" accomplished that feat. Are they that incredibly flexible? Were they laying down in the row in front? Do they have special powers that other mortals do not? Let's check out some of the subsequent postings from @regurgitatedcelery to see if we can figure it out.


Okay, I think this video raises more questions than the first video did. Is the person in the row in front of the camera sitting in their seat backwards? How else could you slide a foot through the space between the seat and fuselage of the aircraft? The next video from @regurgitatedcelerey adds even more confusion to the story.

I don't know about you but I would not tickle that person's foot. I would take my very cold bottle of water and place it next to the person's foot and if they dared to say anything we'd have that conversation about personal space. It's still a mystery to me how the passenger to the front was able to put their foot backwards at the angle we are seeing it.

What's been your strangest "other passenger" encounter on an aircraft? Have you had to ask someone to keep their feet to themselves? What about asking them to move their hair from in front of your video screen? Some people's children did not receive the proper home training they needed I guess.

But guess who you're going to meet eventually if you take enough trips by air? These people, that's who.

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