A Tik Tok creator @jordyngraime has gone viral after she was asked to "cover-up" during a recent trip to a Disney Theme Park. While the episode could have been very unsettling for the young woman she actually turned it into a major perk by the way park officials chose to handle the situation.

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Let's face it, there are very few times when you visit the Disney Theme Parks of Florida that covering up ever seems like a good option. Unless it's raining the attire of choice is usually shorts and t-shirts or something similar. As you can see in the video that @jordyngraime posted she opted for short pants and a light and airy top.

What do you think? First of her outfit? Is that too hot for the central Florida sunshine? Granted, it's not what I would call conservative but it's not overly revealing either. The neckline, okay there isn't one, but the top does plunge and is held secure by thin little straps. But, I think this shirt adequately covers what needs to be covered.

Maybe the issue Disney had was with the back of the shirt. Granted there isn't much shirt back there but then again most people aren't offended by back skin, unless extremely obese and have "back boobs".

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If I ran a theme park in a hot climate where people are sweating I would not have an issue with this kind of wardrobe. If you're thinking like Maude Flanders of the Simpsons and wondering, "What about the children", I think you've never been to a Walmart store in the South on a Saturday. There are people that wear fewer clothes there than what this young woman is wearing here.

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Now, if you played the video all the way to the end you know this did have a happy ending. The folks at Disney gave Jordyn and voucher for a t-shirt. She seemed pleased in a "cat that ate the canary" sort of way that she got a free Disney shirt and she got to stay in the park.

I guess that's a win. Actually, it's a win for both sides unless Disney suddenly finds itself in the business of handing out free t-shirts because others feel like they can get one just by showing up at the park underdressed.

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