Christmas is only two months away, right?

Here we are counting down the days to Halloween and what do I see in my neighborhood? A home illuminated by Christmas lights. No, not a home that has orange lights around it that are meant to be Halloween lights. I'm talking actual red, white and green lights strung along the roof. They are hung and lit.

And I love it.

Sure, it may be incredibly premature, but to each their own. I believe this is the same house who pulled the holiday alarm early last year too. I'm thinking it may be their tradition and I'm fine with it. Especially since we had a significant temperature drop last week and things were feeling a lot like winter.

Recently we found out that decorating early for Christmas can actually make you happier. I feel like there is straight up joy in that house with these lights. In fact, I know it because I feel joy every time I drive by that house at night. Not to mention, I know that most houses in my 'hood get their lights professionally installed. Although you don't have to have them on, I can totally understand the excitement to see your money being put to use.

Now I will say this... If I see an inflatable Santa or a reindeer-sleigh combination in the yard before Halloween I will have to call foul play. Having those holly and jolly characters on the same street as witches and ghosts just seems sacrilegious.

I guess that's where I draw the ho-ho-holiday line.

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