Award Winning Journalist and Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' and discussed among other things:

  • His safari through the jungle of New York City in search of Cadbury Eggs
  • How Cajun children 'paque' eggs at Easter
  • An Alabama school that refuses to let students call the Easter bunny the Easter Bunny and the Easter egg hunt cannot have the name Easter egg hunt as to not offend anyone.
  • Good Friday and Easter meaning

Starnes said,

I live among the tofu eating crowd in Brooklyn and my local market doesn't stock Cadbury Easter eggs.  I had to travel 40 minutes to the Bronx to find Cadbury eggs.

According to Starnes,

A principal at a Madison, Alabama school has decided that for the sake of tolerance and diversity not to allow the students to the use the word Easter when describing the Easter bunny, he must be called the bunny and the Easter egg hunt is now the egg hunt.

We congratulated Todd on his early morning commentary on Fox News Radio and KPEL to which he said,

I appreciate that I work at a network that allows us to do things like that. We're still able to appreciate and honor the holiday...As we all remember Ken and Bernie while Friday may indeed be good in the Christian faith what happens three days later is a heck of a lot better.

Listen to the interview: