Fox News contributor Todd Starnes joined Bernie and Brandon on Acadiana's Morning News, offering his thoughts on the current state of the presidential race, the recent Iranian hostage situation involving American sailors, and a new sect of radical Islam.

Starnes began with his take on the current status of the race for president on the GOP side of things

We're a couple of weeks away from the Iowa caucus, and that's going to give us some indication of where people stand, what the voters are thinking. After the caucus is the first primary in New Hampshire which will give us a new perspective. I think the SCC primary is where we're going to start seeing people drop out.

Starnes compared the GOP's antics in the presidential race to what happened in Louisiana's gubernatorial race last year

What happened in the Louisiana GOP ranks in the governor's race is a pretty good example of just how crazy things are on the national level. Republicans seem to have a mentality that if they don't agree 100 percent with a candidate,  they don't vote for the candidate. They're going to have to get over that or keep losing national elections and this idea of putting forward candidates that are electable. Donald Trump was created by establishment Republicans. People are sick and tired of sending these guys to Washington saying they're going to do one thing and they do the exact opposite. And people are thinking: how could Donald Trump be any worse than what we've already got up there?

Starnes also talked about the recent Iran hostage situation and expressed concerns about the precedent it established

I wonder what it does for foreign policy in the long term. Becuase we've just announced to the rest of the world and the bad guys in the Middle East that we negotiate with terrorists and if you kidnap an American,  there's a good chance you're gonna get your people back or get a big check in your bank account, which is what happened with Iran. Make no mistake, the Iranians cleaned up here. And people need to understand, just a few days ago, Iranians held our American sailors at gun point.

Starnes also shared the topic of his latest podcast episode, a new and even more dangerous sect of radical Islam

We have a brand new episode, a half hour interview with author Joel Rosenberg, who wrote a new New York Times bestseller The First Hostage. Rosenberg takes us inside what's happening with the 'War On Terror,' warning us about a hybrid of radical Islam that's so dangerous,  even Al Qaeda doesn't want to have anything to do with them. It's called Apocalyptic Islam. It's an eye-opener.I also give a shout out to Community Coffee.

Click here to listen to the latest edition of Starnes' podcast, and click the image above to listen to the full interview.

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