Award winning journalist and Fox News commentator Todd Starnes was a guest Friday on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie'.

Prior to airtime we had discussed some of the food offerings for breakfast here at NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL and our first question to Todd was "What did you have for breakfast this morning".  He replied,

Guys can we not talk about food.  I had an issue for breakfast...Let me tell you what happened.  I didn't have my glasses on and I am blind as a bat.  So, I was making a bagel and I love a bagel with cream cheese...I reached into the fridge the cream cheese which is wrapped in aluminum foil and instead I inadvertently grabbed something else.  When I was making my biscuits you know how you can buy those little Crisco things in the packets.  I shmeared by bagel with Crisco!

With the recent Polar Vortex slamming North America Todd says he asked Facebook fans of his to tell how they were surviving the winter storm.  According to Starnes,

This guy from Lafayette posted a Facebook message that said "We're all set here I got a pot of gumbo and a six pack".

The Super Bowl being played this weekend in Rutherford, New Jersey will be the first Super Bowl to be played in an outdoor stadium in a Northern State.  When asked how that would affect the game Starnes said,

The weather has been terrible here and they still have tickets available.  They were doing a story last night on the scalpers and they're just dying.  They say it's the worst Super Bowl in history because they just can't unload the tickets...New york thought this was going to be a financial boon but it's turning out to be a financial bust.  NFL said "Your going to clear $500 million" now the City says maybe $100 million.  You can go into Times Square and get a hotel room for under 200 bucks which is a pretty good deal in New York City.

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