Award winning journalist and Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and warned of the invasion of hibernating Cicadas.  Cicadas go through a long hibernation cycle which is about to end and according to Starnes,

We've got a couple of billion of those little critters and they're about to wake up and they've got 'amore' on their minds.  Those things sound like a cross between a jet engine and a weed-whacker.

Starnes said,

New York Magazine which is sort of the high-brow magazine here in town,  has a whole section on how to prepare for the arrival of the cicadas.  They said if worse comes to worse you can actually eat them...they said it tastes like a cross between a soft shell crab and cold asparagus.  If that doesn't curl your Fruit Loops I don't know what will.

We asked Starnes about recent New York flooding and he replied,

We had a gully washer a couple of days ago.  Walked outside my apartment in the indigenous liberal section of Brooklyn and there was two feet of water...I told someone all I needed was cotton candy and I would have felt like I was at the boardwalk.

We told Starnes that we had opened the phone lines this morning to get reaction to the Benghazi hearings and the lines had exploded.  Starnes said,

A lot of folks have said that Benghazi was not on the minds of Americans but we've asked other Fox affiliates and everybody is talking about this....This is not politics.  And the ABC report that came out this morning says the 'talking points' about the Benghazi attack had been revised 12 times before UN Ambassador Susan Rice blamed the attack on a YouTube video.

You can hear more of the Benghazi discussion by listening to the interview: