I love to go to movies.  I love the way the theatre lights go down, and the trailers come on.  You are then enveloped into a world created by that movie......until some little person, who doesn't have nice parents, starts screaming!!!!!!!

I really enjoy being an adult and having the ability to go to any movie that I want to see.  What I hate?  When you are rude enough to bring your two toddlers and a nine-year-old to the movies.  The even sadder part?  The parents were so wrapped up in the movie ( and their own needs ) the nine-year-old ended up tending to the children, and he did the best job he could.

I went with my niece to see "Twilight: Break Dawn Part 1", and the movie was actually pretty good.  It kept my attention, until these toddlers decided to go crazy.  85 percent of the movie these kids were either screaming, talking, running or crying!  THEY ARE KIDS, THAT'S THEIR JOB!  But the parents, they were not doing their job!  Obviously these people decided to leave their brains at home.  Spoiler Alert!   Who brings two toddlers to a PG-13 movie about vampires, sex and a freaky birth!

These kids, who I am sure in normal circumstances are quite charming, alternated between screaming/crying and then chasing each other around in front of the screen.  No, I am not making this up!  Several members of the audience shushed them repeatedly, but did this prompt the parents to leave?  You know the answer!  Heck no!  I mean, hey, the movie are cheaper than a babysitter, and look, we have a nine-year-old to take care of it!

Why didn't I go to the manager?  I was faithful, hoping the kids would quiet down, hoping the parents would come to their senses, yeah right!  I won't make that mistake again.  Word to the wise, if you are not smart enough to realize you shouldn't bring toddlers ( with sippy cups ) to a PG-13 movie, then I am going to be that mean old lady that rats on you.

As I wrote in the beginning, the really sad part, a nine-year-old was the only one taking care of two toddlers in front of his parents......now that was a nice kid, but imagine the responsibility......in the movie theatre.......and even more sad??......I bet he has to take care of them at home too!  What the heck is wrong with some people today?????