Tom Brady just announced he is un-retiring and returning to Tampa Bay for his 23rd NFL season.

Unlike the news of his retirement, the bombshell announcement came directly from Tom Brady himself via his official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Tom Brady was retired for exactly 40 days before today's announcement, which came just as free agency has started to heat up around the NFL.

In his post, Brady says that he realized that his place is still on the field and while his time will come to retire to the stands, that time is "not right now."

Brady thanked his teammates and his family before announcing his return will be to Tampa Bay to play quarterback for the Buccaneers, claiming that there is "unfinished business" to take care of.

Almost instantly, the reactions began to pour in on social media.

Saints defensive back CJ Gardner-Johnson was quick to respond to hearing the news that Brady was returning—knowing he's had the upper hand on Brady in the games they've faced off in during the regular season.

Other NFL players chimed in as well.

But, as Twitter tends to do, the jokes soon poured in on the real reason Brady un-retired.

Seems like his family is excited as well.

Oh, and then there were tweets about this guy.

I'm just hoping someone informed Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians.

It looks like they did.

What do you think of Brady being back in 2022? Was it the right call, or will he regret it? Only time will tell, and time seems to be on Tom's side.

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