The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's office says it's got three people in custody who were allegedly involved in enslaving and torturing a transgender individual for two years.

Sheriff Victor Jones calls it the worst case of human trafficking he's ever seen. He says an officer from Robeline came in contact with the victim.

"The victim approached him and at that time had a collar with a 35-foot-long log chain attached to it and a bucket," said Jones.

Initials were engraved in her buttocks and she'd been beaten.

Jones says the victim had escaped her captors and during a search of the residence in Ajax they seized 15 firearms, a stun gun and several computers and hard drives.

The trio are booked with charges including human trafficking and second degree battery.

Jones says the victim reported she'd been a sex slave and tortured.

"Initials were engraved in her buttocks and she'd been beaten," said Jones. "She said they would beat her if she didn't do what they wanted."

Jones says the victim was allegedly chained to a shed outside the residence and was able to escape in one of the suspect's vehicles.

He says there were two juveniles also discovered at the location and removed. Jones says he's never seen anything like this.

"I've been around here 30 plus years and this is the first I've heard of anything like this being reported," said Jones. "Certainly the most gruesome."

pictured: 37-year-old David Rodriguez Jr., 39-year-old Christina Marie Harper both of Pleasant Hill, and 39-year-old Ambre Tubbs Lomas of Shreveport.