A Trump supporter is facing criminal charges for coughing on someone without a mask on.

61-year-old Raymond Deskins has been charged with misdemeanor criminal assault after forcefully coughing on a protester this past Saturday at the Trump National Golf Club just outside of Washington D.C.

According to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, Deskins was charged and released on a summons after someone got a citizen's warrant from a county magistrate. The incident was caught on video, and while Deskins can be seen forcefully coughing on the protester, police initially had no grounds to take action being that they weren't on the scene nor could they determine what happened before or after what was seen on video.

Since both parties claimed assault, police instructed them to go to court to obtain a warrant themselves, but the woman seemed to be the only one to follow through. It's very rare to see someone coughing on another person become worthy of an assault charge but we'll update this story when and if more information becomes available.

My question here is how would you handle someone doing this to you even if we weren't in a pandemic. I've always said, someone coughing or spitting on you (any type of bodily fluids, really) on purpose is literally the worst but there's definitely an added layer of "oh, I know you didn't" with coronavirus in the wild. It's almost like coughs and sneezes are weaponized in this crazy climate.

I guess the silver lining here is that the protester had a mask on, but it's still nasty.

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