Trump supporters in Louisiana are helping to drum up support for President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda for his first 100 days in office. Co-chair of the Donald Trump for Louisiana campaign Brian Trascher says one of the first orders of business is to make sure Louisiana’s U.S. Senators, Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy, support Mr. Trump’s cabinet picks.

“It never hurts for people to give them a call, reach out to them, email them, and let them know that you’d like them to vote ‘yes’ on these nominees,” Trascher said.

Trascher says the team plans to create a special fund that will be used to run ads so that people can get the full story on what the president-elect hopes to do. He says Mr. Trump was able to get elected, because of well-attended rallies and addressing Americans through his twitter account.

“This effort is going to underline that tactic as well, going straight to the people, telling them the truth, telling them what we intend to do, or what he intends to do,” Trascher said.

Trump won 58% of the vote in Louisiana and received more votes than any candidate in state history. Trascher says Mr. Trump’s priorities in his first hundred days will be the same issues he raised on the campaign trail.

“It’s going to be securing our border. It’s going to be going after ISIS. It’s going to be trying to repeal and replace Obamacare,” Trascher said.