Panelists Warren Caudle and Carol Ross are back for the latest edition of "Wingin' It Wednesday." Here are the topics for this episode:

1. Ben Carson picked to head up HUD. What do you think of his latest cabinet choices this week?

2. Trump seemingly “cancels” Boeing contract via Tweet. Is this even possible? Is the federal government under contract? Can he void it? Could the contract go up for a bidding process and actually go to Airbus if they could out-bid Boeing?

3. With all of the anger toward traditional media coverage of Trump (and politics in general), what do you think the media’s overall role in politics should be?

4. The 3rd Congressional seems to be the most interesting. Campbell is not gaining any ground against John Kennedy, so it seems to be a bust. But, what do you attribute Clay Higgins rise to. And do you think it will be enough to win on Saturday.

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