Deputies of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Officer were called out to a disturbance in the 600 block of Linden Lewis Road after there were allegations of cockfighting that were made.

According to Valerie Ponseti, Spokesman for LPSO, the deputies found multiple chickens when they went out to investigate the complaint on Saturday.

In addition to chickens, Ponseti says that detectives also found cockfighting paraphernalia.

According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, cockfighting paraphernalia is defined the following way:

'Animal fighting paraphernalia' refers to equipment and implements used to further animal fighting, such as gaffs (blades attached to roosters' legs for cockfighting), breaking sticks (used to pry open dogs' jaws in dogfights), as well as objects used for training animals to fight (such as treadmills and hot walkers).

Animal Control officials also responded to the scene to take possession of the animals. Detectives arrested 62-year-old William Green, who they say was having cockfighting there on his property.

William Green
Photo courtesy from KLFY

Green was arrested on the following charges:

  • Twelve counts of Animal Abuse
  • Participation in Cockfighting
  • Unlawful Possession, Transfer, or Manufacture of Animal Fight Paraphernalia

Ponseti says detectives are continuing to investigate this situation, and more arrests are possible in connection with this case.

While Louisiana often comes in at the bottom in rankings, when it comes to laws concerning animals, Louisiana is number 7. This Top Tier ranking was given to the state in 2020 after Animal Legal Defense Fund looked at all fifty states as part of their U.S. State Animal Protection Law Rankings.

And according to the website, Louisiana is one of the states that required mandatory psychological evaluation to determine the root of the animal abuse cases.

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