Devon Kellon Breaux ULPD photo

22 year old Dwayne Edmond Richard and 17 Devon Kellon Breaux have been arrested for a burglary at the UL Athletic complex. According to UL Police Richard was charged with simple burglary at the Performance Center, bond was set at $25,000. Breaux was charged with the unauthorized entry of place of business at UL's Tigue Moore Field. Breaux was apprehended by Lafayette Police on an unrelated charge and the UL warrant was added. His bond for the UL charge was set at $10,000.

Wayne Edward Angelle ULPD photo

An active warrant has been issued for 26 year old Wayne Edward Angelle for multiple counts of simple burglary at the UL Athletic Performance Center and the UL Softball Park.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Wayne Edward Breaux you're asked to call the UL Police Department at 337-482-6447.