Public transportation is a useful thing. Catching a bus, hopping on a flight, or riding the train... are all great and affordable options for getting to where you need to go.

Public transportation is not so great when it comes to cleanliness..and we are shedding light on how some modes of transportation get away with minimum cleaning.

YouTube Via: SemiServis
YouTube Via: SemiServis

It should come as no surprise that public transportation isn't cleaned beyond the bare minimum. It's pretty hard to do that when you are catering to a large number of people all day long.

Here's the interesting thing: there's a reason why public transportation seems to have the ugliest, eye-sore-worthy patterns and materials on surfaces commonly used. Those loud and out there patterns are used to hide the dirtiness of that bench, chair, or seat. Think of an optical illusion: it makes you see what they want you to.

If you want just a glimpse of how dirty these forms of transportation can be, check out the video below. You'll rethink what you wear or whether or not to bring a towel to sit down on after watching this video.

Check out a bus cleaning service showing how dirty bus seats can be:

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