UL Lafayette is wrapped with tradition in every aspect of the college experience. That's why I knew that the class ring would not be any different. Every part of the ring has a purpose, and it is full of extensive symbolism. I am here to break it down for you.

1. The Ring Face


The most prominent and noticeable attribute to the ring is the raised fleur de lis placed directly in the center. This is the standard logo for the university.

The "red" stone surrounding the fleur de lis is actually a color called vermillion which not only represents the school's colors but also is a naturally occurring pigment associated with eternity. The year placed directly underneath the stone "1898" is the year in which the proud University found its footing.


2. The Left Side

The left side of the ring features the ring wearer's major. In my case, I just went with a "BA" for bachelor's degree. Surrounding the wearer's major are oak trees. According to the University website, The University's first president, Dr. Edwin L. Stephens planted oak trees on campus to symbolize the university's "growth, strength, and endurance."

In front of the oak trees stands Martin Hall, which houses the main administrative building on campus.

Below this lies the nickname "Ragin' Cajuns" which depicts the unifying name that people who have attended UL call themselves.

Under this, there are four tiny rectangles. The four rectangles represent the four name changes that the university has gone through as well the walk of honor where each UL graduate receives a brick upon graduation.


3. The Right Side

The other side of the ring depicts the year in which the wearer graduated. Encompassing the year are Cypress trees which represent Cypress Lake, the natural swamp filled with turtles, alligators, and other wildlife, on campus. Beneath the year is the University crest, which features the Acadian and Creole flags, a shield, a pelican, oak leaves, and the Latin motto: bravely, happily, faithfully. The represents the diverse culture and heritage of the university. closing out the bottom is an interlocking "UL" symbol which signifies the initials of the University.


5. The Inside

On the inside of the ring, the words "Heart and Hand" are inscribed which are the final three words of the university's alma mater.



I think that the coolest part about the ring is that every single student gets the exact same one.

I find that this in and of itself is a symbolic representation of the fact that regardless of where we end up, or what we do, or even if we drift apart, each and every one of us will always and forever be Ragin' Cajuns at heart.

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