UL Finals week is in full swing. Starting today, UL Students have to buckle down on last-minute project deadlines, studying, and an overwhelming amount of tests. And while these things could amount to anxiety by some UL Students, the Edith Garland Dupreé Library on campus will offer stress relieving activities all week in their "Stress Relief Week."

In addition to the library being on a 24-hour schedule this week, and free parking in all on-campus parking lots after 7 pm, the library will offer the following activities:

Monday, December 3:

Art (9am-4pm)

Tuesday, December 4:

Sensory Activities (9am-4pm)

Wednesday, December 5:

Massages (9:30am-11:30am)

Pizza (12 pm)

Therapy Dog (1 pm)

Thursday, December 6:

Puzzles (9am-4pm)

Friday, December 7:

Sweets and Treats (9am-11am)

The library staff encourages all UL students to take a break from their busy finals schedule and hang out in the library during their week.



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