Those who violate the new smoking ban on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, which takes effect Aug. 1, will not have to worry about criminal charges, according to Joseph Pons, the university's associate director of public safety and risk management.

"The premise behind this policy was not to dictate the behavior of the campus community," Pons said. It was not to tell people, 'You can't smoke.'"

The new policy was the result of a state law passed during the legislative session which required universities to enact such a measure by the fall semester of the 2014 academic year, Pons said.

Students who repeatedly violate the smoking ban will be referred to the Dean of Student Conduct, and those members of the public smoking on campus will be referred to his office.

The ban applies to every university building, as well as the campus in between those buildings, Pons said; however, students driving to school can smoke in their cars since their personal vehicles are considered an extension of their homes. Smoking will also be permitted on sidewalks that border city streets, such as Johnston Street and University Avenue. These sidewalks are not owned by the university, Pons said, and the ban could not apply in these areas.

Exceptions to the smoking ban will also be made for tailgaters at NCAA sporting events, Pons said.

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