Violet D'Mello has lots of stitches, but she is going to be okay.  The woman and her husband were on safari at Kragga Kamma Game Park in South Africa, when she wanted to pet the "tame" cheetahs.  Well, she did, and they started to chew on her head and other body parts.

She was just doing a nice thing. Two young children were being sized up by the cheetahs, and they were going to chomp, so she stepped in the way, and they tried to make her lunch. She said, "It all happened so fast. After his sister was free, the boy ran. As I stopped him, something jumped me from behind."

D'Mello's husband stood by taking pictures, and finally a group of tourists were able to get the cheetahs away from her. She is going to fine.  He might be in trouble because he just stood there taking pictures, but that's their business.

I just want to take a vacation where the cheetahs are behind lots of walls of big, thick glass.  That makes me a coward, and I am okay with that.  I like my vacations when they are really fun, but quiet.  I know there are tons of people every year who go on safari, and I think that is great; more power to those people.  I am just a "fraidy cat", pardon the pun, but I don't go on scary vacation, and I am constantly checking the waters at the beach for sharks.

I am lame, but at least there is no chance I will get mauled by a cheetah.  I am so glad that lady is okay.  I am sorry her vacation got destroyed, and hey maybe she can go on another safari again.  I just hope she stays in the Jeep, so no one tries to make her their lunch.  A report from ABC news said that a nearby female cheetah in a cage was in heat.  Ha, blame it on the woman cheetah!

So, what have a learned from this news story?  I love vacation, but I want my adventures to be a little more "tame".  I am a coward who loves just sitting on the beach, and if I want to see cheetahs or other wild animals, I will just make a pass to the Zoo of Acadiana.  I love the trolley, and nothing there threatens to eat you.  You also don't have to have the wildlife in handcuffs to go over and pet them!