A viral video shows a customer's outburst at a Walgreens in Connecticut. Apparently, the woman asked employees of the store for help locating her lost ID. When the customer did not get the help she desired, she began trashing the store leaving an absolute mess behind.

Twitter via @TravisF75955022
Twitter via @TravisF75955022

Is this ever OK?

According to a Twitter user, the scene happened at a Walgreens in Waterbury, Connecticut.


Apparently, the woman in the video was looking for some assistance in locating her ID that was lost somewhere inside of the store.


But, when the woman didn't get the help she had asked for she opted to trash the store.


Throwing food, drinks, paper towels, and basically anything else that was at an arms reach, the woman eventually exited the store leaving a mess behind for employees to clean up.


Now, check out the full video of the incident from @TravisF75955022 on Twitter below.

While you can hear the woman in the video yelling about how employees did not help her out, an explanation for the tirade came from another Twitter user.

Apparently, the woman had lost her ID inside of the store and was asking employees of the Walgreens to use security camera footage to help her locate it.

In my opinion, there really isn't anything an employee of a store can do that warrants this type of outburst. I am not sure what else this woman had going on in her life at this time, but if a lost ID is what caused this type of reaction, then I worry for how this person handles the struggles of everyday life.

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I hope these Walgreens employees got some sort of bonus if they had to clean up this entire mess.

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