There have been growing concerns in recent months about mass closures of various chains across Louisiana, Texas, and the rest of the country. From restaurants to grocery stores and in between, there have been a lot of closures that have hit close to home.

As we've pointed out before, we've known since last summer that Walgreens was one of the major chains set to close a number of under-performing stores. But they have been fairly quiet on which ones.

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However, it appears that a list of stores has leaked, and of the nearly 100 stores set to close this year, there is one in Louisiana and two in Texas.

Which Stores Are On The List?

According to the leaked database, which appears on the site USearch, there are 93 stores slated to be closed.

One is located in Monroe, Louisiana.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

As well as that north Louisiana store, there are two in Texas that are supposed to be closing, according to the list. One of those stores is in Lubbock while the other is in Houston.

"CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid are eliminating some locations as they face rising competition for these items from Amazon, big-box stores with pharmacies like Walmart, and Dollar General in rural areas," CNN reported in the summer of 2023. "Although drugstores benefited during the pandemic from people getting Covid-19 vaccines, fewer consumers visited stores to shop and prescription volumes fell because people were getting fewer elective procedures."

And it is true that online shopping and big box stores have been a threat and have undercut prices at these pharmacies. Most analysts are certain of that. However,  there have also been concerns that rampant looting at stores in high-crime areas in California and elsewhere is forcing closures as well.

But Walgreens and these other pharmacies are hardly the only major retailers announcing closures. Here are some of the biggest names shuttering locations.

Big Brands Closing Locations in 2024

Here is a look at some of our favorite big brands that will be closing locations in an effort to stop losing money at stores that are underperforming.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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