Vidrine's Steakhouse in Carencro has closed their doors.

The news came today after the restaurant recently had a clearance sale during which they announced a need to get rid of excess product. The sale gave customers a great opportunity to get restaurant-quality food at a low price.

Now, there are three "For Lease" signs posted on the now former restaurant.

For Lease Sign , photo submitted by Chris Reed

According to the Advocate, Vidrine's opened their Carencro location in October 2015 - a "spin-off" of Vidrine's Cafe in Church Point - which opened in 1997 and closed in June 2016.

I am disappointed to see one of my favorite restaurants close down. My wife and I had many delicious lunch and dinners at Vidrine's, even celebrating my last birthday at the restaurant.


Brandon at Vidrine's, KPEL Photo

When restaurants and other small businesses close their doors, I think they deserve recognition for serving their area.

Thank you to owner Chad Vidrine for his years of service to the Acadiana area.