A viral video involving the New Orleans Police Department features a man spectating what appears to be a burglary in progress at the same time that authorities are arriving on the scene. The man can be heard shouting directions to the police below as alleged perpetrators scatter away from the scene.


The incident was observed by someone who was apparently on the balcony of an apartment. As the man watched the people below, police arrived on the scene. This is when the man watching started shouting out directions to the police below, alerting them of the alleged perpetrators' locations.


A vehicle sped away from the scene of the incident, narrowly missing a New Orleans Police unit. Others can be seen in the video running away on foot.


As officers surrounded the area, the video shows one person apparently being apprehended.


Video shows the officers directing a single perpetrator on the scene to stop, as others appear to get away.

See the full video of the incident shared to Instagram by @uncle__sot100 below.

As the video began to spread on Twitter, many on social media reacted to what the footage shows and also the commentary provided by the man witnessing the entire ordeal.

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