Many times you will see 'man on the street' interviews where people across the country are asked about politicians and American history, more often than not looking incredibly ignorant about the leaders who represent them and about the country that they live in.

Well, this 'man on the street' interview happened in New Orleans, where people who admitted they would vote 'Democrat' and for incumbent U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu couldn't tell the reporter what Landrieu has done for them!

We tend to blame political parties for the mess this country is in (and they deserve a lot of the blame), but we the people, specifically low information voters like this, are hurting our country! If you're gonna vote for Mary Landrieu, then know who you're voting for and be proud of who you're voting for, whether it's Landrieu or whoever! I can understand the occasional race for dog catcher where you don't know anything about the candidates, but this is a race for U.S. Senator! You don't have to immerse yourself in politics, just pay attention a little!

Watch the embarrassing video below:

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