The head of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers union says he believes one aspect of Governor Bobby Jindal's education plan is unconstitutional.

Steve Monaghan belives Jindal's plan to use public school money for school vouchers is not allowed by the constitution.  He says if the plan makes it through the whole process then the LFT will challenge it in court. unconstitutional. Louisiana Federation of Teachers president Steve Monaghan says if the legislature agrees with the BESE board and approves the Minimum Foundation Program as written his organization will challenge it in court.

Monaghan says the Jindal plan violates the state's constitution on several grounds. He is asking the legislature to reject the funding plan as approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education last week and send it back to the board to be rewritten.

Monaghan believes any interpretation of the state constitution does not allow funding of private education with public money. He says it should be up to the people of the state to decide if they want to rewrite the constitution and not a unilateral decision by the governor.