It seems like almost everyone you know has a cellphone, but for students who do in Lafayette Parish schools, there are rules they must follow or their phones can be confiscated.

The Daily Advertiser says their review of records shows that Lafayette schools have confiscated some 700 cellphones this school year because students have violated the rules about having phones on campus.

About 600 students were caught this year violating the school's rules about having their cellphones on campus, and the phones were taken away.  Most of the violations were at Comeaux High School, where officials show that there were 301 infractions.

Lafayette High School had the next largest number of cellphone infractions with 169, followed by students at Carencro High with 138 and 103 violations were noted at Acadiana High School.  The school district says that there were 32 violations at Scott Middle School.

The Advertiser reports the Lafayette Parish School Board is looking at how schools are enforcing the district's cellphone policy at their meeting Wednesday.

The rules now do not allow elementary and middle school students  to have phones on campus during regular school hours. High school students can bring their phones on campus, but they can't use them until school lets out for the day.

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