Well, it couldn't have gotten much more exciting than it did on Saturday at Cajun Field as the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns won on a walk-off 53-yard field goal by their transfer kicker Nate Snyder.

It was a game and a story really of overcoming adversity, not only for Snyder who had been struggling to begin his Cajuns career but the team as a whole who was missing many players due to COVID and other injuries.

In addition, Georgia Southern's quarterback Shai Werts played his butt off and executed their gameplan almost to a T. The Golden Eagles held the ball on Louisiana, tiring their defense, wearing them down with play after play, and not allowing the offense to establish any rhythm.

However, none of that mattered in the end as they overcame that adversity to remain undrafted on the young season at 3-0 and grabbed another Sun Belt Conference victory to boot, pun intended.

Each week, Ragin' Cajuns Football follows the team on gameday, and Doug Dominque pieces together a short episode recapping the day and on Saturday it was a fun one. So, enjoy reliving the thrilling victory with Billy Napier's inspiring words mixed in, yet another dub for the cULture:


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