A bill to allow the home delivery of factory sealed alcohol beverages to your front door has passed a Senate Judiciary B and will be voted on the Senate floor soon.

Bill sponsor, Jennings Senator Blade Morrish says there are already several home delivery companies such as Waitr, operating in larger cities. Alcohol delivery would fit in well.

"For instance, if you were ordering a meal  from a restaurant in Baton Rouge, and if you wanted a bottle of wine with that meal, you would be able to do that."
Morrish says drivers who would deliver the factory sealed alcohol when it is ordered would be held under the same rules as a bartender.
"They're going to have to be at least 18 years of age and obviously, they're going to have to check and document a driver's license that indicates the individual getting the product is at least 21 years old."
Third party vendors have expressed concern that language in the bill would restrict delivery services with only full-time employees. Most services says they do not employ full time staff. There will also be restrictions, such as who can deliver it and who can order it. Morrish says the law could be adjusted under the oversight of the state’s Alcohol and Tobacco Control.
"They want to be able to track where these products are going, how they're being delivered and to make sure they have the ability to find out who the responsible person is when all of this takes place."


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