An 18-year-old man from West Monroe, La has been arrested for allegedly setting his girlfriend on fire because he "wanted to see what it was like" according to the victim.

Joshua White Jr. West Monroe
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Joshua White Jr of West Monroe Arrested

Joshua White Jr., 18, of West Monroe was arrested yesterday (03/15/22) and charged with Domestic Abuse Battery-Serious Injury Burning after authorities interviewed White's former girlfriend about an incident that happened on March 5, 2022, according to

According to the official police report, reports White's former girlfriend told them that on March 5, she and White were drinking, and at one point White started pouring some kind of flammable liquid on her head and body.

He then allegedly took a lighter and began igniting the flammable liquid which set her on fire.

Handcuffs And Fingerprints
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"The victim received severe burns to her head, neck, face, chest, arms, and legs. The victim told police that White told her about a week ago that he wanted to set someone on fire to see what it was like. She also stated she was scared White would kill her if she reported the abuse."

Deputies reported that at the time they interviewed the victim, they noticed her hair was burnt on one side of her head as well as additional burns on her body.

A bond has not been set for White at this time.


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