After a year and a half of being called the Washington Football Team (WFT), the NFL's squad in D.C. has a new name. The Commanders.

How do you feel about the new name?

My reaction? Meh.

It's okay, but the team missed an opportunity to really standout with a cool, unique name.

It's not often a new team name enters the lexicon of American professional sports, especially the NFL, by far the most watched sport in the United States.

After feeling financial pressure from sponsors, owner Dan Snyder finally dropped the offensive "Redskins" team name, along with the Indian head logo in the summer of 2020.

After 87 years, Washington D.C.'s NFL team temporarily became known as the WFT (Washington Football Team).

Now, they're the Washington Commanders.

Personally, I would've gone with one of these.

Unique Team Names Washington Should've Changed Their Name To

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