Joe Burrow was having a rookie of the year type season this year for a bad Cincinnati Bengals team but all of that ended week 11 against the Washington Football Team when he was hit low after his protection broke down. (Sean of the Playing The Field Podcast)

Ouch, the slow-motion really hits differently when you watch the injury back, it's honestly hard to watch more than once. According to NFL Insider Adam Schefter, that hit spells the end of the season for Burrow.

Even Joe knew it after the game before the official word came out he tweeted this.

Glad to see his spirits are high because this is a devastating injury but he's dedicated and a hard worker and wouldn't put it past him to come back strong.

The only silver lining to all of this is that because Burrow's gone down Ryan Finley will be the starting quarterback and that should basically guarantee that the Bengals will have a top-four pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

With yet another top pick Cincy better invest in some offensive line help along with making the O-line a big-time priority this off-season.

On the year, Burrow was leading the league in attempts (404) and completions (264) throwing for 2,688 yards, 13 scores, only five interceptions, and 142 rushing yards with three touchdowns.


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