Think about it.

A new trend going around some towns or cities is to erect letters in a part of the town that spells out what you're town or city is all about.

For example, in Scott for the Boudin Festival, they spelled out "BOUDIN" in front of the town hall. And the best part about it is that you leave out a letter in the word so that someone can "fill-in" the letter using their body.

We've seen it in downtown Lafayette. The city is spelled out, but the "Y" is missing, thus you stand between the letter and fill in the missing letter.

If your town was to do this, what word would they use to describe your town? I asked that very question on social media and here are some of the responses I got from folks around south Louisiana.

And yes, some are VERY creative and VERY funny! If you don't see your town in the list below, feel free to leave us a comment below.


Carencro: GROWTH


Delcambre: SHRIMP

Kaplan: BRUH

Mamou: T-BOYS

New Iberia: BAW

Shreveport: CASINOS

Youngsville: TRAFFIC


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