I grew up driving the streets of Lafayette and am amazed that we don’t see more fatalities!  After much consideration I think I’ve determined what has to be the wackiest stretch of street in Lafayette.

Bertrand Drive between Dulles and Johnston has shown me some of the most creative, rude and wacky drivers I have ever witnessed!  Heading towards Johnston I have seen people go from the far right lane to the inner left turn lane in front of UMC without a turn indicator….or from the left lane to the far right.

Near Joey’s where Bertrand splits to North College drivers seem to think it’s OK to go from the center lane to the right lane without even a glance to the right because they know you wouldn’t even think about hitting them.

Recently I was driving just past the Bertrand/North College “ Y “ and spotted a black SUV in front of me that just jammed on the brakes and waited for the cars in the right lane to ease on by before turning right into the hearing aid store WITHOUT a turn indicator!  How rude!  I am of the opinion if I miss a turn through my lack of attention or whatever reason I will go to the next available location and turn around without endangering or inconveniencing everyone else.

What do you think?  Is any other stretch of Lafayette concrete wackier?