Thunderstorms are expected Wednesday in Lafayette, and the showers will likely continue through the weekend bringing the threat of possible flooding.

Many people in Lafayette worry that any continued rain could mean water in their homes, and Lafayette Consolidated Government has two sandbag locations that are open a year long.

The Public Works Department says the two locations are located at LCG Compost Facility at 400 Dugas Road, and the South District sandbag site at 1017 Fortune Road in Youngsville.

Officials with Lafayette Consolidated Government is asking people to prepare now if your area is prone to flooding. They suggest you get sandbags early if you think you will need them.

You will need to bag the sandbags yourself, so you will need to bring a shovel. The sand and bags will be at the locations, but you will have to put them together.

Each family is asked to limit how many sandbags they bag and take to four per exterior door of your home. The maximum that you can take are twenty bags.

LCG suggests that you check out ditches and drains near your home to make sure they are free of debris.

Here are some other things to think about when flooding becomes a reality:

When there is flash flooding you can expect that storm drains and drainage channels will become overloaded so flooding of roads should be expected.

  • Never drive into a flooded area.
  • Never drive around a barricade.
  • LCG recommends you don't play in flood water.
  • If your home is flooding, you should call 911.
  • Flash flooding can happen at anytime.

Lafayette Consolidated Government asks residents that fill sandbags to save them after this storm system for the next flood episode.






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