Here in South Louisiana we have a very distinctive way of talking. Even when we are speaking a common language sometimes the timber, the inflection, and the punctuation of the words we use make us sound unique to visitors from other places.

Let's be honest a voice that doesn't sound familiar is always interesting and unique. At the very least it's a reason to begin a conversation.

There have been studies done as to which accents from around the world are the most appealing. The British accent is said to have world wide appeal as being the most attractive. As far as American accents go it's the soft drawl of the South that tops the list.  But what is it about an accent that makes the person speaking with it seem more attractive?

Be careful here we're about to get into some science. Despite what you may have learned from TV people are not put on the planet to build buildings, own yachts, and have indoor plumbing. Our sole purpose as a species is to procreate and insure the survival of the species. That's where our hardwired DNA senses come into play concerning accents.

The sound of a different voice or accent signals our brains that the person we are talking with is not from our area. Therefore mating with that person would help diversify the gene pool. It's nature's way of keeping us from keeping the gene pool from becoming too shallow if you know what I mean.

So if you feel flush at the sound of French accent or mystified at the rumblings of a Russian visitor it's okay. It's just Mother Nature playing biology with your brain. So go ahead and think James Bond is sexy, just remember Austin Powers has the same accent that 007 does.