Some would ask what he has done to deserve this?  It is a legitimate question as Governor Jindal has managed to do a lot in the time that he has served as Governor of the Pelican State.

So what has he done to earn a lower approval rating?  I have a theory on it.  Governor Jindal was reelected largely unopposed.  What opposition he had got very few votes and it was likely from those that were devoted "haters" if you will, of the Governor and his programs.  His reelection was pretty well assured and that always bodes well for a politician.

That said, remember back to others who have seen this kind of acclaim in their reelection bid.  Ronald Reagan himself was swept to a second term and a mandate for what he stood for.  Yet, in his second term he did face some voter fatigue.  Certainly not enough to keep his VP from being elected in his own right, but there was fatigue there.

In another light, you see that the Governor is doing some things with education and retirement that not everyone likes.  When you start messing with things like that, it means that money being doled out to some will not be happening.  Now, it gets personal because people realize that these things affect their wallet.

Still, we have seen that politicians with this level of approval rating can still get things done.  Indeed, President Obama was reelected with that kind of approval.  The same can be said of George W. Bush when he ran for a second term and let's face it, when you think about former President Bush and his second term, there was a lot of fatigue there as well.

So what is it that is driving down Bobby Jindal's numbers?  Some of it is definitely resistance to his ideas, but a lot of it can be looked at as plain old fatigue.  It happens to politicians everywhere and I think it is happening to our Governor.

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