Will Ferrell, another left-wing Hollywood type who actually believes he has clout is being featured in an ad saying he will do anything to get you to vote for Obama.  In the ad he says he'll help you move, cook for you, give you a tattoo or whatever.  If he would carry out the promise that Alec Baldwin made when he said he would move out of the country if George W. Bush won re-election I might consider his request for my vote.  Notice I said "I might consider".  Fat chance!  I really hoped that Alec Baldwin the Hollywood windbag who demeaned his daughter in a published phone call message would have left the country.  These Hollywood liberals actually believe their hype and publicity.  They actually believe Americans actually give a damn about what they think!

At least some of the Hollywood "stars" understand the hype is just hype.  That's why Sylvester Stallone has bodyguards.  He understands that it's all done with smoke and mirrors and the average street thug or college lineman could crush him.  That's why Baldwin left the phone message demeaning his daughter and promising to leave America.  He was sure nobody would call him out on his behavior.

Ferrell, like Baldwin is a gas-bag of the largest caliber and I think his endorsement for President Obama will be heeded as well as Alec Baldwin's promise to leave America.

Ferrell, if I vote for Obama would you promise to shut up, take your buddy Baldwin with you and move to Greece?  Mind fake!  Already voted and I promise you I did not vote for your left-wing radical in the White House.

If you haven't voted yet please do so on Tuesday, November 6th and don't count on Ferrell mowing your lawn or doing anything else he promises.