There's been a lot of national news topics that have dominated news media throughout the week.

Our Wingin' It Wednesday panel consisting of Carol Ross, Stafford barnett and Warren Caudle tackled the following topics:

Cambridge Analytica, the company the Trump campaign used for social outreach, has been suspended from Facebook. It’s CEO was just suspended from the company. One key detail shared by the CEO was that in all they did, which is widely views as unethical, the actual political candidates were just puppets.

Now the tables are turned on Facebook. When you look at the model, Facebook knows more about the average person than any other entity. AND the data is freely given by users. (Location, interests, family details, etc.) Now a #DeleteFacebook movement is trying to get started. Does this turn people off and will people really leave the site?

Austin is dealing with a string of explosions. As of late Tuesday, we’re up to 6 explosions. When is the last time we had one of these serial criminal situations. Reminds me of hunt for Jennings Killer, Unibomber and the DC Sniper.

Tom Benson died last week at age 90. He’s remembered for doing great things for the city of New Orleans. However recent family problems have led to questions about his will.

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